Please remember:

Recycling is once each week on one of your regularcollection days. Each home is provided with(2) recycling bins, one green bin and one blue bin.

Use the Green Bin for:

Newspapers (no plastic wrappers), cardboard(folded flat or cut up), tissue boxes, cereal boxes,paper towel rolls, bathroom tissue rolls, pasta boxes,magazines, catalogues and phone books.

Use the Blue Bin for:

All glass (no lids, please), aluminum cans, pie plates and clean foil, steel cans(be careful of sharp lids), aerosol cans, milk bottles, juice cartons (no straws, please), plastics, #1 through #7, detergent bottles.

Rinse bottles, glass and cans lightly–you don’t need any creepy crawlies in your bins.

Yard Waste:

Yard waste is collected once each week from all residential homes.Limbs, branches, and tree trunks should be cut in 4’ lengths. Please pile waste as neatly as possible.Grass clippings, leaves and small pruning’s may be placed in a paper bag or in a standard container not to exceed 32 gallons or weigh more than fifty pounds.

Please do not place construction and/or demolition debris, paint, pesticide,pool chemicals, antifreeze, used oil, or gasoline with your garbage.Household hazardous waste is not collected as part of your residential service. For information on how to dispose of special and hazardous waste, call yourCounty Solid Waste Division.