Lil-Arch Angel

Best Friend

Sometimes when you’re sad and feeling quite blue,

and it seems there is no one you can really talk to.

Think about your best friend who you can’t see.

He’s always there to love and take care of you and me.

Whenever you pray with all of your heart,

the good things will happen and all

the bad things will stop.

I’m an angel, this is true, my best friend is God,

and He’s your best friend too!

Lil-Arch Angel Bath


Lil-Arch Angel in my tub,

washing me clean as can be.

From the top of my toes

to the tip of my nose.

My angel is all over me!

Lil-Arch Angels Prayer

God bless Daddies and Mommies,

all sisters and brothers.

God bless the people I know

and all of the others.

God bless the animals both big and small.

God bless me and teach me to

share love with them all.