Capt. Vital & Precious Water

Captain Vital and Precious Water were created by Howard Weinstein, in 1982. The program was initiated to help State, Counties and Cities with their Water Conservation Programs. The objective is to educate and motivate the public on the importance of conserving our diminishing water supply. This program should continue even when our water supply is at a good level. Continued education on water conservation is a must.

"Water is Life, don't Waste it," is our motto.

We hope you enjoy viewing Captain Vital and Precious water, as they teach you about water conservation/safety through education; art; fun and games.

If you have any ideas or information about waterconservation/safety, please write/email us atthe address on this page. We would like to hear from you!

(Community involvement is a must to makethis program a success).

A bath uses: 36 gallons of water to fill a tub. 1/3 full still gets you clean. Make sure your drain is closed before turning the water on.

Showers use: between four and seven gallons a minute. A five minute shower can use over 40 gallons of water. Take shorter showers. Use a timer. If you plug the drain before you take a shower, you'll see how much water you use taking a shower.

Brushing teeth uses: 7.5 gallons for 3 minutes of brushing with water running. Wet brush, turn off water, brush teeth then rinse. This way you will only use 1/2 gallon of water.

Washing Machines Use: 40 to 50 gallons usually some use up to 60 gallons. Wash only full loads. The more clothes, the less water.

Stop leaks: Use water wisely. It only takes pennies to replace a washer..

Toilets are: the number one (#1) water user in the home. More than 30% of the average household water is flushed down the toilet. Most toilets use about 3.5 gallons of water per flush. By replacing older toilets with efficient 1.6 gallons per flush model will save a family of four over 11,000 gallons of water per year.