About imthumbuddy

The i.m.thumbuddy Child Safety Awareness & High Self-Esteem Programs Since 1983 and still going strong.

MISSION STATEMENT: A collaborative volunteer resource to promoteand develop programs pertaining to theeducation, good character, motivation,self-esteem and talents of children and theirfamilies.

PURPOSE: A collaborative volunteer resource to promote and develop programs for the betterment of our children and their families.

OBJECTIVES: To help minimize the danger of kidnapping, molestation, abuse and other general harms to children through educational means such as; 1. Teaching child safety through games, songs, presentations and the arts. 2. Fingerprinting for safety. 3. Assisting agencies in helping to locate missing children. 4. Working with other child oriented organizations. 5. Teaching Public awareness regarding chid safety concerns.

GOALS: To help promote high self-esteem, good character, reading skills and artistic talents.

Please help us accomplish our goals- Our children deserve it!