i.m.thumbuddy and friends

Welcome to our site. áWe are pleased to have you meet i.m.thumbuddy, and all of áhis friends…Children will delight in the many activities which promote the values each character displays.

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Meet i.m.thumbuddy

i.m.thumbuddy was founded in 1983, in order to assist law enforcement with fingerprinting efforts to locate missing children. áTo the kids, i.m.t. became a symbol for good character, motivation, and high self-esteem. Additionally, to the parents and to adult mentors, i.m.t. represents a public awareness regarding many child safety concerns, and helpful programs which aid toward the betterment of children and their families.

All of i.m.thumbuddie's friends represent educational ; moral and spiritual values. áThey exemplify the lessons which every child can benefit from.

We look forward to your comments in helping to promote further educational activities for children.

Captain Vital and Precious Water say…á

Be wise and conserve in all that you do,

ábecause water is life and important to you!

i.m.thumbuddy Pledge

i.m. thumbuddy special and proud to be me,

i.m. safe, loved and protected as all children should be.

i.m. happy with people I know I can trust.

I don't talk to strangers, I know that's a must!

I know when to say no, and when to agree.

That keeps me protected and glad I am me!

Lil-Arch Angel

To all of my friends…

My name is Lil-Arch Angel. áI am cute as can be.

There is no other mammal exactly like me!

I am here as your friend, and I care from the start.

I want to help you see your goodness

and the kindness in your heart.

Trash says…

You use me and abuse me and you call me "TRASH,"

but when I'm recycled I turn into "CASH".

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